Can you help us provide German translations of our resources?

October 12, 2019

As a voluntary organisation with no financial resources we would like to have our cost-free written anti-bullying resources for schools translated into other languages besides English so more children in more countries can benefit.  Already, all our written cost-free resources have been translated into Irish language (Gaeilge) by C.O.G.G. - the Irish Government/Department of Education funded translation service for schools - at no cost to us.  This was done so about 200 Irish language schools could avail of our free resources. Is there such a service in Germany?  If so, the benefit would be much bigger since there are so many more schools in Germany.  If such service is available please email us with the details so we can check this out.

If there is no such service available in Germany there may be another way to achieve this goal.  If each teacher from Germany who visits our website and sees this notice were to volunteer to translate one written resource-page into good quality but age-appropriate German language and emailed it to us we could include it instead of the English language version on the relevant website page. If you would like to try this, as an international cooperative endeavour, please email antibullyingcampaignforschools@gmail.com to let us know and we will suggest a page you can translate for us.

For German schools we would also like to replace our English language videos and associated question pages with videos presented or subtitled in German language and German language question pages.  If you know of an anti-bullying video presented or subtitled in German language, that is in the public domain already (for example on YouTube), that is similar in content/message to one of our English language videos and could be used to replace it, would you please email the details - of the German video and the English language video it could replace - to us, so we can check it out, at antibullyingcampaignforschools@gmail.com .  If you would also be able to prepare a page of appropriate questions in German language for children to answer after watching the video please let us know.  That would be very helpful.

Thank you!