Presentation for Staff & Parents about Anti-Bullying Campaign?

February 21, 2019

Anti-Bullying Campaign Notice

We have made our Anti-Bullying Campaign programme and our website as self-explanatory and easy to use as possible and some schools have implemented our Anti-Bullying Campaign programme without any additional input from us.  This is ideal. Furthermore, since we now have explanatory video presentations in the Teacher Training section of our website for teachers in Primary (Elementary) and Post-Primary (High) schools and for parents, you can arrange to have these shown to your staff or parents group anywhere in the world where English is understood so they will have a "shared understanding" of how our programme works. 

However, if your school is in Ireland and you would like me to come and talk to staff, to explain the implementation of the Anti-Bullying Campaign programme and to answer questions, I can come and do a Powerpoint presentation that takes under two hours (on a staff day or staff half-day, during "Croke Park" hours or at a staff-meeting) in any Irish school. Since teachers who implement the Anti-Bullying Campaign in schools do so, for the most part, on a voluntary basis I will accept no fee for doing this - I will only do it on a voluntary basis.

Since I am living in Dublin my travelling expenses to visit schools during the current school year will be as indicated on the AA Routefinder website and tolls as charged on the day.  In addition, if you need me to talk to parents that evening and your school is more than two hours from Dublin I may need the cost of overnight B&B accommodation.

Because all Irish schools face ongoing financial constraints small schools may wish to join together for a presentation and split the cost between them. We think this is good practice anyway, even if cost-savings are not an issue.

I can be contacted as follows:

Email: antibullyingcampaignforschools@gmail.com

Phone: 353 1 4513314

Mobile: 353 86 8496460

Thank you.

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