From a non-English-speaking country? Maybe you can help us translate!

October 15, 2019

As a voluntary organisation with no financial resources we would like to have our written anti-bullying resources for schools translated into other languages so more children in more countries can benefit.  Already, all our written cost-free resources have been translated into Irish language (Gaeilge) by C.O.G.G. - the Irish Government/Department of Education funded translation service for schools - at no cost to us.  This was done so about 200 Irish language schools could avail of our free resources. Is there such a service in your country?  If so, the benefit would be much bigger since there are so many schools.  If such service is available in your country please email us with the details so we can check this out. If there is no such service available in your country there may be other options to achieve the same goal.  Please click on the language drop-down menu in the upper right of our Home page and check out the notice board page there.

Thank you!