How to Show YouTube Videos if YouTube is Blocked in Your School

March 12, 2022

Anti-Bullying Campaign Notice

Many schools have blocked access to YouTube on their computer networks for obvious child protection and child safety reasons. If access to YouTube is blocked in your school you can still show the video clips suggested for the Anti-Bullying Campaign programme if you do the following:

On your own computer at home go online and search for any downloadable application that will convert YouTube videos into MP4 format and download them.  Follow the instructions on screen.  The conversion to MP4 format is usually quick but the download may take longer.  Please be patient.

Save all our suggested YouTube files in an Anti-Bullying folder on your own computer. 

You can (a) copy them onto a USB Key and use that to take them to school or (b) burn them onto a DVD using free software that is available online. If in doubt ask a colleague who is familiar with how to do this to help you. Either way, make a few copies of the DVD for your school.

Then you can show each anti-bullying video from the USB Key or DVD using software on your school computer already or by downloading free software like VLC Media Player.

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